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Esmarch Sterilization process tool

Esmarch Assistance

Utility Model Registration
Number 3199146

We have developed this product from the needs of the Self-Defense Forces Hospital!

Presented the Esmarch Assistance research and development at the Japan Operative Nursing Academy in September 2015.

Esmarch Assistance
W 525mm x D135mm x H95mm
Material: Stainless steel (SUS304)


Setting up the Esmarch on the assistance

Wrapped by nonwoven fabric then transferring to the sterilizer

Sterilization process

Product featuresProduct features
  1. Auxiliary tool for satisfactory sterilization of the Esmarch
  2. Keep in good breathable state compared to folded condition as in the former
  3. Available to use at confined spaces , keep a gap space in compact condition