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Make them happy both patient and the caregiver!

Can Get The Tissue
Right Now

Utility Model registration
Number 3200034

The product has jointly developed with the nursing stuff at the Shizuoka Cancer Center

Product Size
Large: W265mm x D115mm x H130mm
Small: W250mm x D75mm x H130mm

Good to use on Electric folding beds

Product featuresProduct features
  1. The Tissue Box doesn’t fall off even with the upright backrest. It is fixed to a bed fence.
  2. Flexible to fit the inside and outside of the bed and can be reachable from both side. Easy to replace the tissue box.
  3. Peace of mind for a patient, the tissue box will be always at the fixed position
  4. No Nurse-On Call about a tissue matter because the box doesn’t fall off.
  5. Easy care, hygienic stainless steel.
    *Please remind the product specification might be changed without any notice