Reliable Walking supporter


Helping to get out of bed with peace of mind. Walking immediately after surgery,The keywords are " Nurses can operate easily" and " Patients can walk easily".

"Easy to work" and "Easy to walk"



When my aunt was sick in a bed at a hospital, it was painful to see many medical equipment and tubes were attached to aunt’s drip stand. She had to push them and walk to get well. Then I thought "Can I make a product that my aunt can comfortably walk and feel good?"
This is the origin of PASETWALKER.


PASET “PA” means easy or quick in Japanese. “SET” is installing.
So, PASETWALKER is easy to install during the walking training.
We have developed this device for patients to walk.
It makes possible to reduce nurse’s work and patients to walk by oneself at the same time.
Since the PASETWALKER can carry some equipment together, it is possible to minimize the number of helpers during walking training.

Rental Samples

Please feel free to contact us as we rent out samples.